Welcome to Eden Technologies

Eden technologies Ltd has been delivering secure and reliable Local networks to customers in South Sudan for over two years. The company hasalmost unrivalled experience in providing effective communications in theremotest and harshest of environments. As one of the world's leadingindependent communications service providers, it creates tailorednetwork solutions based around quality and cost-effectiveness.


BI Services

We deploy various Business Intelligence services to help organizations gain more insight, access more data, and drive better outcomes in every aspect of their business.

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MPLS Solutions

Eden Technologies Ltd has wide coverage of MPLS Layer-3 and Layer-2 VPN solution. MPLS is now considered as the most advanced, robust and most secured solution for data-connectivity.

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Fiber Internet

We provide High-Speed Internet Connectivity through Fiber and Radio Connection to deliver Bandwidth in terms of Mbps to Gbps. Cband and Ku Band available with round the clock customer support.

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Data Connectivity

We offer secure VPN Data services specially designed for Banks and corporates, with highly lucrative pricing structure as well as unparalleled data security assurance

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IP Telephony

Eden IP Telephony service offers smooth voice quality and many other customized features with competitive call rates. It is the best trouble- free, budget friendly solution for your voice communicati

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LAN Networks

Eden Technologies Ltd has several skilled teams who can provide Wired and Wireless Local Area Network ( LAN) services. Different corporate organization required different types of LAN setup solution.

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We Are Specialists In

IT Infrastructure Support

Delivers services to help manage IT infrastructure, thus ensuring high uptime level for running dail

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Wisp And Wimax Services

Intelligent WirelessIntelligent Wi-Fi requires fewer wireless units while providing increased capaci

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Service networks

All network services operate seamlessly over a single global infrastructure. Intelligenttrac manage

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IT Service Management (ITSM)

Provides flexible, high-speed solutions for both highly automated and industrial IT environments, an

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